Characteristics of ADB Bearing

Minimization of Friction


ADB (Autonomous Decentralized Bearing, Patent granted) is an innovative technology which eliminates contact between loaded balls, enabling it to function without using retainers conventionally used to position the balls.

ADB has succeeded in getting rid of contact between bearing balls and retainers, significantly reducing friction.

Patent Numbers

  • JP3964926 US8052330
  • JP5320547
  • JP2014-16005 WO2014010542
  • JP2014-40927

Lubrication with Nano-Diamond Coating

The elimination of retainers have enabled us to use nano-diamond coating as lubricant.
By using nano-diamond coating, ADB has succeeded in remarkably reducing friction when compared to using conventional grease.

*Although grease is essentially unnecessary, a very small amount of grease is encapsulated in the retail version in order to increase durability.

Use of Ceramic Balls

ADB enables the achievement further minimization of friction with the use of G10 ceramic balls.